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Air Duct Cleaning

Breathe easy with our professional duct cleaning services.

Clean Ducts = 
Clean Air!

​Why we're the guys for the job

It's time to get your air ducts professionally cleaned, and there is no shortage of companies in the Puget Sound area that offer air duct cleaning services. So why choose Happy Healthy Home?

Firstly, we're committed to a culture of honesty and respect. We always give you the full price before we get to work: no surprises. And since a thorough cleaning requires we enter each room of your house that contains a furnace vent, we honor your house like the home that it is, taking great care to leave everything just as we found it. Our technicians always wear shoe covers to protect your carpet.

Secondly? We've got the best, most up-to-date equipment around. 

​The NIKRO PDC4000
Simply the best unit for residential air duct systems, the NIKRO PDC4000 truly delivers with a portable design that bypasses the limitations of truck-mounted devices, while providing true HEPA filtration in accordance with the latest NADCA standards for incredibly clean air.

Our deep-cleaning process
We seal all the vents in your home with adhesive plastic to create a negative-pressure environment within the duct system once the NIKRO is connected. A 10-inch diameter hose connects the NIKRO to the supply line adjacent to your furnace (or, in the case of single-story homes, one of the vents). Then the NIKRO gets to work. Against its 5000CFM suction, dust and debris don't stand a chance.

But that's just the beginning. We follow up by opening each vent one by one and running a 25-foot rotor brush down the line, scrubbing out even the most compacted contaminants. The NIKRO maintains suction throughout the process, whisking away all the dirt the brush loosens up.

Once this is complete, we move on to the cold-air return. Here the process is the same, connecting the NIKRO to the plenum box and sealing the cold-air vent for the initial vacuum, and then brushing the duct.

Finally, we vacuum the furnace itself, as well as the filter box. As an added perk, we will replace your current filter at no additional charge. Then we install galvanized panels to close the vacuum hose apertures and test the furnace to ensure the system is in perfect working order. We clean up after ourselves and we're on our way! All that remains of the dirt in your vents are the "before" photos we leave you with, accompanied by the beautiful "after" shots to demonstrate the thoroughness of our services. You'll breathe more happy, healthy air with clean air ducts in your home!

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