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Air Duct Repair

Fix the leaks!
Are you paying big bucks to heat your crawlspace and attic?

Your heating bills seem higher than they need to be, maybe even rising slowly from month to month. The air temperature in your home varies from room to room, and there are certain rooms in which you've more or less resigned yourself to having to wear a sweater.

Sound like a familiar scenario? You're reading this page, so no doubt the culprit's identity is as clear to you as it is to us. You've got worn-out or poorly-insulated air ducts, and Happy Healthy Home is here to put things right!

What you're risking with leaks in your ducts

Why Air Duct Integrity is Important:
  • Heated and cooled air from your HVAC system are delivered into your home by a system of ducts hidden inside your walls, ceilings, attic and crawl space.
  • Efficient and pollutant free delivery of clean warm or cool air depends on the condition of your ductworks.
  • Healthy ducts should be completely connected, well-sealed, insulated and clean. Breaches in your air duct system will hinder the efficiency of your system, can disrupt air delivery to some rooms, cause damage to your home’s structure, and pollute the air in your home.
Potential problems caused by compromised ductwork:
  • Energy loss resulting in higher energy bills.
  • Disruption of flow to some or all rooms.
  • Presence of warm air in the crawl space and/or attic attracts comfort seeking critters such as rodents, squirrels, birds and bats.
  • Warm or cool air from the ductworks carries moisture with it. This moisture can weaken and swell wood, cause mildew, invite termites, and cause unpleasant odors.
  • Unsealed and/or disconnected duct sections allow pollutants from the crawl space and attic into your kitchen, bedroom and living room. Those pollutants may include fungi spores, rodent droppings particles, harmful insulation fiber, odors, and cold or warm air.

How we do it
Duct repair always beings with duct testing—we run your system and examine the ducts to see where the air is escaping. Once we've localized the problem, the solution options vary depending on how poorly your system is currently running. Small leaks can be easily patched with foil tape or mastic. If you have a more serious situation, never fear! If necessary, we can replace small segments or even entire sections of old ducting with lightweight and energy-efficient R-8 flex ducts.

Free full-home duct cleaning with each repair
As our way of saying thanks for taking the time to do the right thing and fix your compromised ducts, we at Happy Healthy Home are throwing in a special gift—a free cleaning of your air duct system with our state-of-the-art NIKRO machine. Having clean ducts is as important for your health as having properly sealed and insulated ducts is for your energy bill, and now you get both for the price of one!

Energy bills skyrocketing?
Check those leaky ducts!

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