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Dryer Vent Cleaning

Bust the lint and breathe healthy!

Is your dryer
a fire hazard?

Surprising but true: dryer vents need cleaning every 6 months

You're probably cleaning your lint trap regularly between loads of laundry, but that's not the only place that lint ends up. Over time, lint accumulates in the exterior dryer vent, reducing the efficiency of your dryer and even causing a risk of fire. The blocked heat can't escape and backs up, often causing the component in the dryer to over-heat. According to U.S. Fire Administration statistics, over fifteen thousand dryers catch fire each year, and "failure to clean" is the most commonly reported cause of the blaze.

If your clothes aren't fully dry after running a load, that's your cue for a professional cleaning. Don't run the load a second time, call Happy Healthy Home!

How we do it
Happy Healthy Home's dryer vent deep cleaning is the best way to eliminate the hazardous lint buildup. We begin by pulling the dryer out from the wall and vacuuming any exposed lint and dust on the exterior of the dryer or the surrounding area. We then disconnect the vent from the dryer and insert our vacuum hose, clearing away the larger and loose clumps of lint. The dryer vent-connection nozzle gets a good cleaning, too.

Next we move to the exterior of the house and remove the vent cover, vacuuming from the outdoor end of the vent. Now it's time to get rid of the most impacted lint that's been trapped in the folds of the vent. We attach an air compressor to the inside end of the vent and insert a 25-foot rotor brush from the outside. This powerful combination scrubs free the most resistent crud. We finish by vacuuming everything that's stirred loose, reconnecting the dryer to the vent and returning the dryer to its standard position. Now your dryer can do its job more efficiently!
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