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Crawlspace Cleaning

What you can't see may be affecting your health!

We'll look where you'd rather not!

Is a cruddy crawlspace harming your home?

Here's a surprising fact: the space immediately above your foundation is just as essential to the integrity of your home as the foundation itself. The crawlspace is often overlooked, but if something has gone wrong down there could be costing you huge amounts of money and even threatening your health. Out of sight, out of mind, perhaps, but meanwhile the shoddy insulation in your crawlspace is leading to a buildup of moisture and humidity—and you're paying for it.

The warm, damp environment attracts rodents. According to a recent study, Seattle is the 11th most rat-infested city in the nation, and the surrounding area has more than its fair share of whiskery friends as well. Soon you've got a furry second family living under the floor, and these subletters never use toilets or call the undertaker.

Less active but more dangerous forms of life also think your compromised crawlspace is a cozy haven. Mildew, mold, efflorescence and fungi may have moved in, filling the air with allergens and mycotoxins. This is air you are breathing in your home, mind you—nearly half the air in your home comes up from under the floor. And as if all that weren't enough, the moisture can even begin weakening the wooden joists and subfloor, bringing the onset of rot.

Alarmed? No need to be, once you book an appointment. There's a mighty good reason they call us Happy Healthy Home.

Step 1: Cleaning

The first thing we do is clean up after those rats, if you've been so unlucky. We eliminate the feces, the rotting corpses, the chewed-up insulation and caches of food—whatever's down there, we're taking out. (We're not a pest-control company, but if you've got an active problem we can subcontract the right company for the job.) With our protective suits and masks, we're equipped to deal with any situation, however nasty. 

Step 2: Insulation Installation

Once the mess is eliminated, it's time to tackle the problem that led to that mess in the first place. Proper insulation will ensure that the heat you're paying for goes up into your home, rather than lingering in the crawlspace and attracting shivering critters. Our team will provide R-30 insulation compliant with the latest codes and completely insulate the entire subfloor, as well as any exposed pipes and ductwork.

Step 3: Vapor Barrier

It may be likely that your home's vapor barrier is damaged or even nonexistent. For those unfamiliar with the term, this is a sheet of plastic that covers the ground underneath your house, stabilizing both the humidity and the temperature of your crawlspace. A good vapor barrier is essential to keeping moisture levels down, especially in as rainy a climate as the Pacific Northwest. That's why we always finish our crawlspace cleaning by installing a new one for you.

Now you know exactly what your crawlspace needs, and we know you definitely don't want to do it yourself. Give Happy Healthy Home a call!

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